Problem submitting tabular form with many fields (including hidden). 1000 fields limit.

Hi guys,

I’m generating tabular form with array of custom models, that are not linked to database table. I have 3 inputable fields for every row and 3 hidden fields for every row. It means I have 6 fields, that should be submitted for every row/model.

The problem is, that in controller $_POST variable containg 166 rows/models only from ~ 200 rows/model. I assume it is because 167*6 =1002 fields. Why yii truncates my models/rows in $_POST???

Is it limit on field/model count on sumbitting the form?

Please help.


Maybe it’s because

max_input_vars = 1000

by default in php.ini?

See PHP Manual…

There is also


so set this accordingly, too