Problem migrating database when installing advanced app in Yii2

Hi all,

I am not entirely new to PHP / MySQL but I am new to yii and consoles.

So far, I have managed to get:

Basic app displaying correctly and seems to be working (this I did to make sure Yii was working okay)

Advanced app frontend screen displatying correctly

Advanced app backend screen displatying correctly

I now need to set up the database. I have created the mysql database and made the changes to the common/config/main-local.php file.

I am running on PHP 5.4 Linux shared server.

The PHP version I have when using SSH is 4.4.9. I think this is a problem?

I am trying to install the advanced app from an archive file.

Now i have problems. I understand (I think) that to run a console command I need to use SSH (I am using PuTTY).

The command I need to run is yii migrate. So far so good but what directory should I be in to run this command? I have tried in apps/advanced directory where there is a file calledd yii. When I ran it here i got the following messages in PuTTY:

I got syntax errors when running the command (invalid slash on line 23) (I put them here and was told my message was spam so had to take them out)

Any ideas? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.