Problem loading module

I am trying to load a module with a custom class name, by using the following configuration:

modules => array(

  'track_and_trace' => array(

	'class' => 'track_and_trace.TrackAndTraceModule'



I have the following file at: protected/modules/track_and_trace/TrackAndTraceModule.php:

class TrackAndTraceModule extends CWebModule



The module is not properly loaded. Yii ends up in a recursive loop it seems since the script times out after 30 seconds. Once I remove the module definition, everything runs fine. How do I properly load a module with a custom class name?

you need to specify the correct path to your module

modules => array(



try this:

'class' => 'application.modules.TrackAndTraceModule'

Sorry guys, the path contained an error and should be: protected/modules/track_and_trace/TrackAndTraceModule.php

I updated the OP.

if that’s the case, it should be:

'class' => 'application.modules.track_and_trace.TrackAndTraceModule'

Results in the same problem (script timing out).

Some more info; I am using 1.1.6. No custom path aliases have been defined. I suspect this is a bug in Yii.

I’ve got it working now. Of course the bug was in my code :) The problem was a typo in the class name.