Problem install on OSX 10.4


I downloaded yii 10.0.4 the stable release.

I followed the docs, creating a testdrive folder in my Sites folder on my mac.

Within the testdrive, I placed the yiiroot folder

I tested the requirements, and all were ok!

I chmod the yicc to 777 and in terminal I tried:

/Users/myname/Sites/testdrive/yiiroot/framework/yiic webapp /Users/myname/Sites/testdrive

and I got this error:

Parse error: parse error, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION' orT_FUNCTION' or T_VAR' or'}'' in /Users/myname/Sites/testdrive/yiiroot/framework/YiiBase.php on line 49

Anybody an idea what could go wrong here? Or maybe have the same problem?

You're using php4.


currently Php 5.2.2 is installed

Your command line PHP could be PHP4. Please double check that using "php -v"

omg, you're right. it's 4.4.9

Any idea how I can update this?

I'm not a regular cmd line user. :slight_smile:

I really struggled getting a test environment working on OSX (Leopard).  The canned packages didn't have all extensions compiled and then I had problems compiling new versions.  I ended up installing MAMP and it works great and it's current.