problem in use of Image extension????

Hi guys i m new to yii; i want to use image extension i m using morzilla6.0,yii1.6,php5.0 on windows

i followed like this--------

1-extarcted image extension in protected/ext/

2-put the Helpers folder in protected/

3-in config/main.php written like…




            // GD or ImageMagick


            // ImageMagick setup path

            'params'=>array('directory'=>'/extensions/image/drivers'), [html]<<<<check is it correct ???i have given path to my image_Imagemagick.php file >>>>[/html]





in a view file i wrriten -----


$image = Yii::app()->image->load('images/preview.jpg');

$image->resize(400, 100)->rotate(-45)->quality(75)->sharpen(20);



on browser getting error like

image gd requires v2


Line [font=monospace]24 throw new CException(‘image gd requires v2’);[/font]

[font=monospace]plz help me???/ASAP[/font]

Do yourself a favor and just look at line 24 in /var/www/html/wikiwin/wikiwinsvn/protected/extensions/image/drivers/Image_GD_Driver.php.

I don’t know what extension you are referring to, but I guess you don’t have GD v2 installed.

Take a look at the source and see where the exception was thrown.

install php-gd driver

$ sudo apt-get install php5-gd

/etc/init.d/apache2 restart