Problem In Login

i write the code in Useridentity.php

class UserIdentity extends CUserIdentity



 * Authenticates a user.

 * The example implementation makes sure if the username and password

 * are both 'demo'.

 * In practical applications, this should be changed to authenticate

 * against some persistent user identity storage (e.g. database).

 * @return boolean whether authentication succeeds.


private $_id;

public function authenticate()




	$user= User::model()->find('LOWER(username)=?',array($username));











	return $this->errorCode=self::ERROR_NONE;


public function getId()


	return $this->_id;



then write below code in User.php

public function validatePassword($password)


	return crypt($password,$this->password)===$this->password;


public function hashPassword($password)


	return crypt($password, $this->generateSalt());


and config gii and tableprefiix

but mylogin form do not work my database and give me error Incorrect username or password.

i remove admin=>admin demo=>demo i want login form work with my database information


Find below url to solve your issue.

hi you can also refer this link too