Problem in generating modules

I have success everything in setup.

But now, yiic tool is not generating models inside a module in the right directory.


>> model admin.models.Artigo

  unchanged Artigo.php

The 'Artigo' class has been successfully created in the following file:


If you have a 'db' database connection, you can test it now with:



\Artigo.php is placed in the root.

Not in the expected that is: \yii-1.0.5.r1018\site\protected\modules\admin\models

Before, i have created succeful the module with: "module admin" shell command

Any ideias?

Did you add 'admin' module to your app config? After the change, you need to re-enter yiic shell.

That was the problem.

I could swear I did it.

When i triple checked i saw wrong bracket issue…