problem in CForm::submitted()

I created a simple form by using CForm.

It have imaged submit button by like a code below,



		"class" => "submit_button",

		'type' => 'image',

		"src" => "/images/post_button.gif",

		'label' => 'submit',



It works perfectly in Firefox, but not works in InternetExplorer( 6,7,8 ) collectly.

When I clicked submit button, data was not send and just reload the same page.

I inspect for a while, and found that

Firefox sends "create" value in $_POST at clicked submit button on code above,

but IE sends "create_x" and "create_y" value in $_POST,

and I think Yii could not catch I pushed submit button in CForm::submitted().

I’m sorry for my poor English.

Yii is great framework.

Thank you.

Can anyone confirm, this really happens? If so, a bug ticket should be opened to report it as a bug.

I made a very quick check, if both mentioned browsers sends the same parameters in GET, if a form contains graphical submit button.

I used XE page for this purpose and found out that Firefox sends:

while IE sends:

So the only difference is in Firefox sending additional:


But XE site is not build on Yii, therefore inside Yii it might be possible as post creator wrote


this is not relay like your problem… here is about CForm and an "image" submit button…