Problem generating model

I have installed successfully Yii, and configured my MySQL database in the config file, etc.

My PDO extension is also activated, in fact i have done all that the tutorial says i should do.

Then i execute yiic, and when i try to generate the model User, in these two ways:

"model User generate User.php"

or as the help says:

"model User tbl_user"

It returns a fatal error:

Fatal error: call to a member function getDb() on a non-object in c:/wamp/www/yii/framework/cli/commands/shell/ModerCommand.php on like 260

Any idea of what i am doing wrong???:S

Thanks for your help!!!!

Which tutorial are you following?

As model creation with yiic has been replaced by Gii -

Ufff… thank you… i don’t know how i got to the other tutorial… in this one i saw quickly that i skipped the crud step:S

Thanks again!!!:)