Problem Duplicating Yii Project

Hello All,

I am having an issue duplicating my Yii project from one computer to another. The two environments are almost identical with one exception, the machine my project is currently on is OSX Lion and the machine I want to duplicate my project onto is OSX Snow Leopard.

My application functions flawlessly on the Lion machine but when I move it over to the Snow Leopard machine and try to access it I get the following error:

PHP Fatal error:  Class 'Controller' not found in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/pinpoint/protected/controllers/SiteController.php on line 4

Has anyone seen this error before or have any idea what could cause it?

Thank you


What’s your webserver under SL? And the PHP version?

And in any case, could you post that line 4?

Maybe someone will be able to help.

Cheers :)

(a SL user)

do you have controller file under your Components dir

The snow leopard machine is running MAMP (Apache2) and php version 5.4.4.

Line 4 is

class SiteController extends Controller{

Yes, there is a Controller file in my components dir. Thats why this is so confusing for me. I even import it in main.php like this:





It turns out the SL computer had a newer version of MAMP on it and MAMP changes a config file between versions and thats what was causing my app not to work.

I’m curious: what kind of config file and what kind of changes please? I have updated MAMP (the free version) several times and never experienced such a thing.