Problem Creating New App

I had several problems while trying to create one new App.

This one I don’t why happens.

I’m trying to create a new App like that:

{YiiAppRoot}\yiic webapp {AppPath}\www\app

My problem is, always, when I execute this line it gives me this error:

‘Error: Unsupported VCS specified. Currently only git and hg supported.’

I don’t understand because on the description says this parameter is optional:


  • app-path: required, the directory where the new application will be created.

    If the directory does not exist, it will be created. After the application

    is created, please make sure the directory can be accessed by Web users.

  • vcs: optional, version control system you’re going to use in the new project.’

Do anyone know how can I make it work?

Perhaps you have an embedded space in either {YiiAppRoot} or {AppPath}?

Yeah, i guess this really was the problem…

The path I was trying to create had spaces.

Now I could create my App

Thank you.