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Problem changing email address in Forum->My Settings

(Massimiliano Mancini Firenze) #1


i receive an error while trying to change my email address in My Settings of Forum.

The error concerns a CAPTCHA that is not requested in the form. To reproduce, try to change email address in My Settings.


Transaction support for db migrations
(Maurizio Domba Cerin) #2

Currently, we have the situation that we replaced the old website for yiiframework.com with a new site based on Yii 2 that runs on a new server. The forum is still on the old website server and the /forum URL is proxied from the new server to the old one.

This causes many forum functionalities to not work properly and the old server had become unstable.

We are pushing the replacement of the old forum with a new one.

Here is a discussion about this - https://github.com/yiisoft-contrib/yiiframework.com/issues/84



we have replaced the forum software with a better solution.
Everything should work well now. Your email is now the same as on your Website profile:

unfortunately we have no option to change your email there. will fix that soon.