Probems with POST request on Yii2

Hi all, I met some problems when post a request to server. These request is just testing validate a string on database(password). Some requests return result with small timeline number(3-400ms). However with the same request in other test, it takes 5-6s and nothing returned from server. I hope some one can help me. Thanks in advance.

My case is that user( they aldready logged) need to input their password to validate before do other actions (ex: before payment…).

In controller i just use this code to validate password of user

$pass = (new LoginForm)->encrypPassword($_POST[‘password’]);

$checkPass = UserModel::findOne([‘user_id’ => Yii::$app->user->id, ‘password’ => $pass]);

Because of this is the first post, so i cant post the image about this prolem. sorry all, please click this link to view this. Thanks:D


What http code is being returned? Also can you check the PHP and Apache/Nginx logs?

Thanks for reply.

Here is one of dead requests:


I also check log files but nothing handled.

That shows the request. What about the response headers? Also, do you have debug enabled?

as u can see this image, nothing responsed( the response tab in firebug is hidden). And i also enable debug. I try to resend this request by click resend on firebug, and over 5 live requests, i have 1 dead request. :(