Private Messaging Module

I have just downloaded and tried to configure the private messaging module:

I am getting the following exception when trying to access the module: Alias "message.MessageModule" is invalid. Make sure it points to an existing PHP file and the file is readable.

This is the relevant code in my main.php configuration file:


‘message’ => array(

				'userModel' => 'User',

				'getNameMethod' => 'getFullName',

				'getSuggestMethod' => 'getSuggest',

				'receiverRelation' => array(



					'on' => ' = receiver_id'),

				'senderRelation' => array(



							'on' => ' = sender_id'),


Has anyone else had this problem before? I would really appreciate the help. Thank you for your time

I have used it but do not get any issue… You need to check that does MessageModule.php exists in message folder

Yes it’s there in the message folder. I have no idea why I’m getting this error

Have you renamed the downloaded folder to ‘message’ ?

the original folder name is yii-messages-master or something simialr

Wow, yes that has to be the problem!. I didn’t do that. I’ll try it as soon as I can . Thank you!

I had renamed it to just "messages" instead of "message"

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