Private Message Between Users

Hi there,

I ask you all maby some one have messaging system between users. (with jQuery and mysql)

The private messaging should include following functions:

  1. inbox, 2) sent box, 3) Draft, 4) Trash, 5) compose a message (file upload) / delete message / reply message, 6) move to, 7) search

Customize existing Yii framework extensions (e.g.,

Any help?:)


Hi SilvQ

You could test one of bellow extensions (the one you have already seen)

Or generally see by yourself

pick up one of them near of your needs and extend anything of your requirements that not exists

Also could you tell us what is your issue ? :)

Sometimes it’s better to write your own solutions for such a tasks. Customizing someone another extensions could be a tricky process.

I agree with you in most cases

Its difficult to make a choice which is better.

If the changes are few (related of all tasks) then is better to modified an extension (or better extend it)

In other (most) cases it is better to make your own if you have enough experience