Print A Registration Form Default Settings Of Header And Footer


This is my third post for the same…pls any one suggest for my issue.

my scenario is like: i am trying to print registration form.but by default browser set #page, url,date margin[top-bottom-left-right],etc.etc. i want to remove this url,margin,and all.i ve to change it everytime.

also one issue is that when i am printting my registration form ,in header of my form college logo nd name is display ,but in my case i ve two options …when i am select letter pad at that time that logo and college name not display…and when i am select blank papaer at that time i want to display full page with collegelogo…

for more detail i am attaching my registration form so it will be better to analyse…




As I stated in the other postings, you need to look into manipulating the browser DOM object to remove the browser added information!

One option might be looking into manually generating a pdf file and return that to the user. By setting the server header to app/pdf (or whatever) you may force the browser to open Acrobat for viewing/printing.