Print A Registration Form But Header & Footer Not Want To Display [A4 Page Size]

Hi All,

i am creating student regestration and while it successufully registered, in my view.php file i am display the registration form.

i want to print this form in A4 page size.everything is worked but in header & footer url msg and page no will display… i want to remove that unnecessary space from top-bottom & left-right side…

i ve already tried css for display none property in my print.css file but it will remove my page header logo…

kindly suggest any solution for this.

i have attached my registration form so u can get exactly what i want to ask?

pls refer it and guide…

Thanks in advance,



I’m have trouble with what you asking (English not first language?) I “think” you are asking how to get ride of margins, url, page#, etc from the printout. It sounds like the items that are added by the browser and not the website. I’m not sure if it can be done from the site.

If I’m wrong in what you are asking…Sorry :(


yeah u r right. i want to hide margins, url, page# ,etc. frm the printout.yeah it will added by the browser but i want to set dynamically…that when i click on print button it will remove all these criteria.

pls suggest any solution.


The only thing could suggest is that it might be possible by manipulating the DOM object, but that is beyond my skill set.