Hi All,

Just release first version of

It’s 1 month of work.

So far, It was fun to work with Yii


your site looks great in terms of design and layout. As a user i feel familar with the menu layout and find things that I need quite quickly.

I also like the comparison function!

Some suggestions:

  • A custom search implemented on your own to search for specific Mobile Phones (Took a while to find the Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 for example)

  • While browsing the different phones the Matrix overview looks good while the list view does still show the ‘*’-Circle at the beginning of each item which doesnt fit (just hide it completly) into the design.

  • I like the idea of providing an open authentication standard but since i block - and also do not have an account there - I am unable to login.

  • "Sign Up" results in an error (Unable to resolve the request "TBD")


Thanks for you feedback.

  • Yes, Search is a real pain. I am looking for other options like lucene or sphinx.

  • Yes, you are correct. List view isn’t yet designed. I will remove until it is fixed.

  • For login, will be good idea?


great looking site, and fast. good job!


Really nice work!

Only one month?? You move fast.

However, this made me giggle:


Thanks for your feedback.

Yii really help me work fast.

This site was initially developed in Drupal. But I force my boss to switch to Yii.

Site is hosted in India and it is flying here. I haven’t yet use any caching and optimization. Even site is currently running in development mode and schema caching for ActiveRecord is not enabled.

I think site will perform much better once I move it to production mode and enable some caching (serving images via sub-domain will also be helpful)

nice work, as specially design, layout and ofcourse speed.

also footer background… ;)

Yes, I like the accountchooser :)

hey Manoj,

Good job. Are you in India? Which city? Would you wanna collaborate on a project?


Hi manoj ,

its really looking nice.

great performance.powerfull framework.Greate development hands by you and manu boss

exactly a finishing touch of girnar. :D .

you are great.

i hope you recognize me.

see my my Yii app also. @ plz gimme your feedbacks.As i am always student of you and manu. A newbie from girnar. :)

Nice work keep doing great work, get going.

I would like to know for resizing image which extension you are using?

Thanks for feedback.

I haven’t used any extension. I have just used php code that I found from different sources and compile them into a class.


Can you please share which database did you use with your website. I am also working on a similar kind of project and would like to use Yii framework.

Your knowledge will help me a lot in this case. Can you please share the technologies used by you build this website.

  1. OS used for deployment of your application

  2. DB used with this application

One more thing which is very critical to the application, how did you get results from different website?

  1. Did the application search the results directly?

  2. Did you use the API provided by these websites?

  3. Is there a way to search these websites if we don’t use their APIs?



Great work! I like…

Hi All,

I am very excited to announce that is now receiving 2.5 million users per month.

It is a great achievement for us and for Yii as a platform. It shows how well Yii can handle the high load.

Hats off to Qiang and his team.