PrettyPhoto Widget

Hi All,

I have just uploaded the PrettyPhoto extension. This is a simple widget that encapsulates the prettyPhoto jQuery lightbox clone.

More details and documentation on the extension page.

not tested yet, but drag+drop and share looks good.

How can we add the number of images per row is this feature included.


Thanks Yeti. It was a minute to get my listing working with this extension. Spending the whole day looking for such powerful extension. It saved me from rewriting my code. One thing to mention is that it does not link to next image in internet explorer 9, but have not tested in other version in firefox in works fine with the magic of prettyPhoto. Thanks again

Glad you like it.

Re features and bugs

Features: If PrettyPhoto supports it so does the extension; through the options property.

Bugs: This sounds like it’s probably an issue with PrettyPhoto/IE9 (the extension is simply a wrapper for PrettyPhoto; all it does is register code and add the rel=“prettyPhoto” attribute to links) so I’d suggest reporting it on their site.