Hi, everyone!

I am so glad we’re launching our new image!

We are a software development cooperative based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and our site is

The site is for now in spanish only.

We explain the details here: (in spanish again, but you guys maybe can understand the idea).

Thanks mintao for this:

Nice design! You created by using Yii right?

Hi, @yogobili!

Yes, we developed the site using YII.

Check the site footer and you will see what other stuff we’ve used…


Looks very nice and neat. - a bit strange to see a dot here :)

Wow…how did you get that weird URL?

It works…should it do that? :mellow:

Thanks for your comment! :)

Aha, I’ve got it. You have a dot in your first post link to the site. Funny.

Haha, ok! Interesting, uh… :)

Nice Work!

Nice Coop!

¡Qué bueno que han podido organizarse!


Thanks, JPatagonico!

Gracias, maestro! Hay algún movimiento así en el Sur? :)

Todo por hacer, te envío un MP para no alterar el topic ;)

Well done, even if you’re an argentine. ;) *I’m from Brazil

Happy coding.

Haha, ok! We’re all brothers from Sudamérica!

Maradona o Pelé? (I would say Messi)

One of us from pressEnter, Fernando Toledo ( went to FISL13. He was in Argentinian Stand or something.

Nice work hermano! :lol: