Prerequisites - Yii's I18N Using Php Intl

What are the pre-requisites other than activating the INTL extension for accessing advanced Yii i18n features like this?

Plurals examples runs ok on my local machine… but not on my hosted server (even though intl extension is enabled)?

Any ideas to debug. I think its probably something to do with the ICU lib - maybe these functionalities are not supported for the hosting version below.

On my host:

Intl version 	1.1.0

ICU version 	4.2.1 

On my local machine:

Intl version 	1.1.0

ICU version 	51.2 

ICU data version 	51.2

looks like a bug, can you report it on github?

Could be a problem with the # which was introduced in a quite new version of intl. should investigate the cause and either fix it or add notes to the docs.

Thanks reported this as an issue.