Praising Yii2 Performance

Hey guys, having on a daily bases to deal with companies that are using popular but super slow frameworks makes me want to brag about Yii2 performance!

My latest project is Contentized. At the moment it’s hosted on AWS on 2 micro instances (1 instance per zone).

Here’s a screenshot from newrelic of a small time window.


Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 12.49.40.png

Some key points of how I got there.

  • PHP 5.6 (using OpCache)

  • Yii2 RESTful (built my own RESTful abstraction instead of just using the default as it was not convenient for my project)

  • DB Schema cached in APCU - after I deploy I restart fpm which by default will also clear APCU (sweet)

  • User authentication cached in memcache (so that they are not lost when I deploy) - authentication is verified 1st on memcache and if that fails then it will query the auth service

  • Micro Services Architecture (keeps everything extremely clean and 100% decoupled - not to mention reusability across projects)

  • Nginx (of course)

  • AWS 2 micro instances (on 2 different zones) - think high availability

  • RDS small instance (multizone) - think high availability

Please reply with similar images or statistics bragging about the awesomeness!

Looking forward to checking them out!

Those are some impressive app server times.

Can you elaborate more on your Micro Service Based architecture setup?