Praise Or Bash

We created the Praise Or Bash platform to allow people to quickly express how they feel about a high profile person, place, or thing. We hope to capture people’s emotions in real time in order to provide a community where opinions are constantly valued.

The website has been developed entirely using the Yii framework.

Looks good. I’m not sure if I like the general idea of that site, though.

Why not use something like the minScript extension for concatenating the css & js of the site?

Will be getting to that stuff soon. Thanks for the heads up will look into that extension as an option for site optimization.

nice interface…

Thanks, still work in progress at this stage, thinking to ajax it up a bit more!

Hey guys,

I’ve just launched a new version of the website.

Theres alot more ajax and I’ve built alot more stuff into widgets and modules.

The folder structure has changed as well to accommodate another Yii application for the admin tool which shares the same models and some js files with the front end part of the site.

Check it out:

Impressive design, but I have to agree with Da:Sourcerer - you have to convince me about the general idea of the site.

Pretty good design. I get the idea of you website. Something similar to Yelp or other review websites. Goodluck.

I have question for you. Who made the introduction video on your website? Because I’m looking for someone who can create something similar for my website.

Hi Cowboy,

We used to make our video.

Thank you.

By the way, maybe we can collaborate on cross-promotion of our websites. Let me know if you are interested.

Sure, what website did you have in mind?

It’s … it’s pretty new but it’s doing good in Google search already.

Hey guys,

Just gave our website a facelift, lots more ajaxy stuff and custom Yii components added.

Should have done this a long time ago but have added Yii Framework to our list of subjects on Praise or Bash.

Check it out when you get a chance and add your comments if you like :)