prado renderer detects javascript as widget parameters.

Hi there,

I came across an error: [color="#FF0000"]Property "CAutoComplete.alt" is not defined.[/color], have been trying to work around this problem. I believe CPradoViewRenderer read my widget javascript parameters as one of the widget parameters. Is there anyway to prevent this error?

The widget code that invoke the above error:

<com:CAutoComplete url={array('campaign/getrecipientbykey')} name={'addRecipient'.$this->id} 

 formatItem='js:function(data, index, total, search) {

	var json = eval("("+ data +")");

	var image = "";

	var alt = "M";


	switch(json.type) {

		case "group":

			image = "'. Html::getImagePath() .'group.gif";

			alt = "G";


		case "contact":

			image = "'. Html::getImagePath() .'contact.gif";

			alt = "C";



	return $(document.createElement("img")).attr({"src":image, "alt":alt}).get(0) + json.label;

}' formatResult='js:function(data, index, total) {

	var json = eval("("+ data +")");

	return json.label;

}' />