Practice yii 1.1.2 CMS

;D Hello everyone,

I really wanna figure out how to build a simple CMS (Admin, User, Texteditor) with yii 1.1.2.

Can Someone who got experiences a step by step tutorial doing??

Thanks a lot!!


there are some CMS built on Yii available for download in forum and google code, as W3CMS and Phundament

I’d recommend that you take a look at their structure and also, if you are new to Yii, the guides and blog demo

hope it helps



Yeah but i wish i could learn step by step how to made a simple CMS with yii, there are many examples with codeIgniter and CakePHP… why not yii!! thats all!!

I totally agree with you Turbo, I mentioned before, yii is really great, but with an official cms, it ll be just perfect

first focus on bugs, before adding not needed features

I totally agree with you Turbo.

we new people would like to see tutorial video to setup an CMS step by step.

we will be very thankful to the TUTORIAL VIDEO MAKER.

Yes floder has good point we want some video tutorial on this.