PostgreSQL Version 8.3 connection

I am trying to access a db in PostgreSQL in version 8.3.
I have enable the drivers in Xampp but my problem is that Schema.php in vendor/yiisoft/yii2/db/pgsql is for PostgreSQL version 9.x and above.

How can i have yii2 working for this older version of PostgreSQL - 8.3?

I am using xampp-windows-x64-5.6.40-1-VC11.

Can’t you upgrade?

No i cannot.

A segunda, 29/04/2019, 18:35, Alexander Makarov via Yii Forum escreveu:

Hi Alexander

Do you know any solution to get access to PostgreSQL version 8.3 using Yii?
It is really important since i am trying to accces a database that i really cannot upgrade.

I guess that would mean providing your own connection/schema for older PostgreSQL version.

Hi Alexander

I have already figured it out.

I have changed the findConstraint function on Schema.php and now it is working.

Thanks a lot.

If there are no cons in the new code regarding new versions, consider making a pull request.

There is a con because my change is not seaching for constrains.

I see. Glad it worked for your case anyway.