postFilter Not being executed on all contrroller actions

I have created a test performance filter that runs well on code executed on jquery but post filter is not being executed for all actions

the code is

class ProfilerFilter extends CFilter


	public $profiler=null;

	public $unit="second";

    protected function preFilter($filterChain)




         echo $this->profiler;

         return true; // false if the action should not be executed



    protected function postFilter($filterChain)




        // logic being applied after the action is executed



On My controller i have included the filter as follows



	 * @return array action filters


	public function filters()


		return array(			

			//'accessControl', // perform access control for CRUD operations

			'postOnly + delete', // we only allow deletion via POST request






                'application.filters.PermissionFilter',  // 1                                                           // 3


The prefilter excutes well as it displays 1 but the postFilter whicj i expend the application to end is not being executed,please help