Possible Relational AR Problem in 1.8

I have a problem that started with version 1.8 of Yii. My code worked in 1.6 and 1.7. I’m fairly new to Yii so I may have been doing something incorrectly that the prior versions didn’t catch.

Some background. I have a small site that accepts orders and the code base is shared by a number of companies doing print on demand stuff. In one of the reporting areas I’m grabbing some info on an order. Three tables are being queried using findByPk for specific order information (order_items, products, and addresses) in one of the methods in my OrderItemController. In 1.6 and 1.7 this query works as expected but in 1.8 null is returned from findByPK.

Here’s the findByPk code.

$itemInfo = OrderItems::model()->findByPk(





                'select'=>'product.ItemNumber, product.Name',



                'select'=>'Address.FirstName, Address.LastName',









Does this look ok or should I create a bug report? I haven’t seen anything in the 1.9 fixes that seems to be related. Any help is appreciated.