Possible Problem In Gii Crud

I’ve started a new project after installing 1.1.13

I went to GII and generated an Admin Module, generated the ‘*’ models in ‘protected/models’. Then went to the CRUD generator.

On the CRUD page, I entered the ‘User’ in Model Class, then went to the Controller ID entry. The hint box said that if you have and admin module and enter ‘admin/user’ it will generate everything under the admin module. However it generated everything in an ‘admin’ sub-directory under the main site structure.

If this a problem/bug, or does the hint box in GII need to be changed?

openSuse 12.3

Xfce desktop


Yii framework 1.1.13 (Dec 30, 2012)

SQLite database

Can you report it to github issues? https://github.com/yiisoft/yii/issues


Do you really have a module named admin which is configured in application main config? If not gii can not know about it and is not able to place models inside module directory.

Thanks all. I thought I had an ‘admin’ module and added it to config/main.php. I deleted it all and recreated everything and it worked.