Portfolio Extension-yii

This is my first extension that I have created for yii.This is basically an extension that will be helpful for the developers those are going to develop a Portfolio website for any person/organisation.



Note that you posted in the section "Tips, Snippets and Tutorials"

If you want to share the extension that put it on the extension section of this site - http://www.yiiframework.com/extensions/

Actually I was doing that in the first step…But I got the message that you can’t put it in the extensions because you are a new user and try posting on the forum for some days and after that you will be able to put it into the extensions.

Plz let me know if you can suggest me any other way out…


Yes there is a restriction for posting extensions for just registered users with no forum posts. Please try again you should be able to post it now.

I have tried that after posting these posts but still not able to create the extension and got the same restriction message.

I just checked the extension posting rules in the code…

to post an extension you need to have at least one forum post and be registered 3 days ago… so tomorrow you will be able to post it.

ok…Thank you so much for your help and information…

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Thank you for understanding the posting restrictions… we where forced to implement them because of too much SPAM…