Populate dynamically $form->textFieldRow()


I will get straight to my issue.

I want to dynamically populate a $form->textFieldRow($model,‘name’, …), with a value from other input populated by user.

So in creation, the user populates a text input and the value is transferred , to the other $form>textFieldRow($model,‘name’…) in order to have a value same as user’s input.

In update, $form->textFieldRow($model,‘name’…) , has a value it is populated by the database.

I was thinking to do it with JavaScript on change, but is there a Yii way?

I would be grateful if anyone could guide me.

I wish you merry Christmas and anything you wish may come true on 2022!

Finally, I set the value via javascript and with that value, I save it to the DB. It worked that way.
If anyone wants to learn more, could send me a direct message!