Point Of Sales Twitter Bootstrap

PHP Point of Sales made in Twitter Bootstrap, Yii Framework, JQuery and thanks to YiiBooster.

Features Included:

Sales Management

Purchase Management

Graphical/Text Based Reports

il8n support, support English,Germany,Greek,Spanish,Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, Chinese Simplified (not 100% but can be changed 100%)

Multiple Users

Support Barcode and QRCode

here’s the demo version for point of sales


the software is only for $49.99.

to know more about the software please visit @ http://pointofsalesweb.com

now on version 3

Thanks for using tlbExcelView extension!

yes! thank you for your great extension too.

I would like to thanks YiiBooster, Giix and of course your extension

Great Application! Congrats!

do you extends this extension :dashboard-controller :lol:

yes that’s right, I’ve extend that application in the homepage

“TAKE THE TRIAL” linking to localhost/posyii ;)

Excellent work…

Full source code is included?

yes, full source included

Great software! And I’m happy giix helped you.

Calling Events Calendar http://demo.pointofsalesweb.com/calendar causes a HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error)

If you sort the grid (clicking on column-title ID) all records disappear:


fix the issue, thanks for notifying

This is a usefull application … congrat!

thank you

How about customization ? What it is include of your supports or not ? By the way, good application. :)

customization is not included in the support. since the framework is built in yii framework. you won’t have problem in scaling and you will get the full source code.

Ok, the supports only for bug ? Thank you for infomation.

yes the support is for bug fixes, enhancement and installation procedure! the price of the software is very cheap to support "customization"

Yes, understood. Thank you.