Yii 2 forum module.

Some of you may remember I’ve mentioned I’m working on the Yii 2 module that adds forum functionality to a Yii 2 project. Well, after 9 months* just like a new Baby class instance, it’s ready. That is BETA ready of course.

[size=“1”]* to be honest more like about ~400 hours but I can not work on this full time because of the regular job ;)[/size]

Podium is not a standalone forum (but it can be configured to be one) like some of the projects you already have seen so you don’t have to force users to create new accounts, or write additional bits of code to connect it with your 2-years-old working Yii 2 project.

It’s now open to public testing and criticism (constructive I hope). I’m looking forward to hearing from you, Yii 2 fans.

What’s inside:

  • Basically… the forum mechanism (what else?),

  • Three user groups: members, moderators and administrator,

  • Categories with forums (with threads with posts),

  • Quill WYSIWYG editor,

  • Profile customisation with timezone selection, avatar upload (or Gravatar selection thanks to Cebe),

  • Advanced search form,

  • Internal user messages system,

  • Threads subscription,

  • Bootstrap responsive layout,

  • Cache support,

  • Built-in user identity handling (but inherited identity from the main application is supported as well),

  • Built-in RBAC component (but inherited RBAC from the main application is supported as well),

  • Automatic installation and update process,

  • Console mail queue handling,

  • English and Polish translation already there (if you would like to provide other languages I’m more than happy).

What’s not there yet (and might never be):

  • Polls,

  • Custom users groups,

  • Skins, themes,

  • Post images uploading,

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+ login,

  • Achievements system.

Since it’s beta stage I’m not adding it to the Yii extensions database yet.

[size="5"]Podium is available at the GitHub repo https://github.com/bizley/yii2-podium[/size]

Installation & Configuration

Follow the instructions at Podium wiki (I’m still working on the wiki so be patient).

Issues and suggestions

  • Report an issue at GitHub

  • Suggest new feature or enhancement at GitHub

  • Write your thoughts here

  • Chat with me at Gitter

Few screenshots

Main page

Member view

Messages inbox

Thread view

[size="5"]Podium version 0.2 is here.[/size]


  • Improved code (work in progress still).

  • More responsive layout.

  • Russian translation added.

  • Quill updated to 1.0.

  • Friends list added.

  • Install from zip file option added.

[size="5"]Podium version 0.5 is released.[/size]


  • Polls have been added - see details below.

  • Podium configuration is now more flexible.

  • Hardcoded podium module ID is removed.

  • Search mechanism has been fixed.

  • Post reporting mechanism has been fixed.

  • Promoting members to moderators has been fixed.


  • Users can add poll when creating new thread.

  • Each poll can have 2-10 answers.

  • Poll can be set to end at given date.

  • There is the option to hide results before voting.

  • Poll author can set single or multiple (specific amount) votes option.

  • Poll can be removed at any time (by author or moderator).

  • Poll can be edited (by author or moderator) until first vote is cast.

This version has got revamped components configuration so finally Podium does not override application components’ settings (when unwanted) and allows to set flexible configs for each. Unfortunately this breaks BC but only two changes are required:

  • If you have got userComponent set to own set it to boolean true.

  • If you have got userComponent set to inherit set it to the name of used user component (usually user).

  • If you have got rbacComponent set to own set it to boolean true.

  • If you have got rbacComponent set to inherit set it to the name of used authManager component (usually authManager).

Also bizley\podium\Module has been renamed to bizley\podium\Podium so modify your configuration.