Plz Help: Chapter 7 - Don't Want "per Project" Scenario

I am new to Yii. In chapter 7 the logic writer used is authorization on per project is different i.e. in project A a user could be in member role and in another project B a user could be in reader role.

But all i want to do is applying 1 scenario for whole application i.e. if a user is owner then in all places and for every action, he will be owner. As on page 170 he had written this and I am quoting:

Assigning users to roles

Everything we have done thus far establishes an authorization hierarchy, but it does

not yet assign permissions to users. We accomplish this by assigning users to one

of the three roles we created, owner, member, or reader. For example, if we wanted to

associate the user whose unique user ID is 1 with the member role, we would execute

the following:



Once these relationships are established, checking a user’s access permission is a

simple matter. We simply ask the application user component whether or not the

current user has the permission. For example, if we wanted to check whether or not the

current user is allowed to create a new issue, we could do so with the following syntax:

if( Yii::app()->user->checkAccess(‘createIssue’))


//perform needed logic


The whole book is great but I am v v v sorry this RBAC section needs a good attention of writer at least for an average programmer like me. Please help me asap in this issue. OR you can give me any url/video which make life easier. The yiiframework’s documentation is also v lengthy and dry.