Plugin Architecture with Yii

I am thinking of turning my forum into Plugin based app. Now I was thinking about Plugin architecture with Yii. I have experienced with C++ apps and have coded few Wordpress plugins. So I have some Idea on the architecture itself (at least with C++/wxWidgets). Now looking at Yii2 am confused as to the best way to go.

Should a create a Manager class which triggers events and allow plugins to register with those events? I really need ideas as to how I can achieve my goal.

Best regards,


Hi Stefano,

How did you go looking into plugin architectures? I’m trying to attempt a similar task myself.

Maybe I get your question wrong, Wouldn’t it be the ‘module’ in Yii suffice as ‘plugin’ ?

I’m finishing my Yii 2 forum and it is made as module. Few weeks more and the beta is ready.

Wow, that’s definitely gonna be useful.