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Hi folks,

Me and another guy are working on a project together, he is a xhtml/css guy, I am a php/mysql guy.

We are looking for someone with skills in php to come and join us on this project.

We are using the latest version of Yii to do the project, so experience with Yii is a bonus.

You really need to be online about 5 times a week to help us with this.

Can you please email me if you would like to join the project on

Can you give us more details about the project before we decide to contact you?

Sure, well we getting together to create "web software", cannot say what this web software is on here.

We will concentrate on developing it, then marketing and selling it.

i have interest in the concept but i think it will be better if u have a project to be designed for a company then the team can brain storm and code it. ;) ;) ;)