Please judge what is this CHtml widget

jQuery(‘body’).undelegate(’#yt0’,‘click’).delegate(’#yt0’,‘click’,function(){return confirm(‘please login first to see more’);});

i just found this in an page but don’t know what CHtml widget it is. It doesn’t specify what to do when user confirms…but it actually redirect user to somewhere…

CHtml::linkButton ? (but there is not jquery submit event here )

CHtml::link? (link does not have any Jquery code)

CHtml::ajaxLink ?(but there is no ajax setting here)

ooh, i figure it out, it’s a link

CHtml::link(‘see profile’,’/user/login’,array(‘confirm’=>‘please login to see more.’))

one part of learning yii is to study these widgets, they are useful, but also, can be very tricky.

Yii needs to write a detailed and fully extended manual, like php manual itself, with description and examples of all classes and widgets. the current manual contains only description, no examples.