Please help to implant payment into "couponic"

Hello, i know what you think about uniprogy ruin the Yii.

But i need help to implant payment method into it .

i got Payment module from bank provider specialy maked for Yii Framework 1.1.4

So i need to implant it into payment options on site…

I will attach all payment module from site and my AIRPAY module which i need to implant. Please help please.

payment modules located on


–> WHOLE payment module from site

–> module for payment from bank maded for Yii Framework 1.1.4


Hi i do not think that the airpay module as it is in the attached file for yii will be attached in couponic at all, You have to install custom gateway of couponic in which you can modify easily and attach there the code from airpay by reading the manual of airpay