PLEASE HELP - CActiveForm Ajax Validation for TabularInput

Hi, I have a view with two models. First one is Course and second one is Timetable. If you create a new course, you have to specify the course days below. It’s designed as table with 7 rows. But, there is a problem. How can I validate each input filed in this table via AJAX?! Is it possible?

I spend hours on it but cant find any good suggestion! Please help me! I really need this. I must validate it through Ajax. System must check if room is free at this time and so on, and admin must see if its possible to set this date/time, room etc.

How can I do this?!

Thanks for any post :)))

Also I think ajax validation for tabular input is not very efficient, because

Hi, thanks for reply.

Is there any other solution how to validate this data? I really need this, I know it will increase workload but I dont know how to solve this problem.

Any update on this? Can we expect to see AJAX validation for tabular input anytime soon?