Please don't use jquery.history.js

Currently some changes are being made to jquery.yiigridview.js and jquery.yiilistview.js … trying to make use of HTML5 history with "jquery.history.js".

But they seems not to be compatible with the older browsers. They are causing script errors in IE-6 and IE-7 in my environment. All the pages without CGridView and CListView are working fine with those older IEs … but how can I construct a site without CGridView and CListView?

Please stop that "Enhancement", at least in the trunk.

Thank you for testing the development version… seems you got the version when this option was introduced and was forced to be enabled by default…

Just recently a new option has been implemented for those components “enableHistory” so that you can choose if you want this option or not… and by default it’s disabled… this way all should be working as before on all browsers…

would be nice if you can test with the latest dev version and let us know if it solves your problems.

You should not use trunk for anything else than just look what is going on with development. It is not recommended to any production usage.

As for history - read github issue about this change ( - there will be backward compatibility provided by disabling history behaviour by default and only allow to enable it when needed. Current trunk version can be buggy, but finally it should work as expected…

Thank you, mdomba and redguy.

I admit that I’ve misunderstood the nature of the trunk version. I will go back to the stable release for the production site.


OK, I’ve read through the related github issues.

And I’ve confirmed in my environment that the latest version works fine with old browsers by disabling the feature by default.

Thank you.