Planning to Create KoolPHP Wrapper

Hi Guys (and Gals)

I have been using Yii for a short while now and have decided to invest more time into learning the inner workings more properly,

and what better way to start than jumping in the deep end ?

The yii grid is fine for simple data, but lacks the nice-to-haves like inline editing etc. (unless I’ve missed it somewhere ?)

I would like to know the following please.

  • How would you propose to go about creating a wrapper for external libraries such as KoolPhp/phpGrid etc ?[list]
  • Would this be done in a component, extension or module ?

[]Are there any other "Rather use this grid" components that you would suggest ?[]In you opinion, would you rather enhance the current grid, or extend it by external library ?[/list]

That is it for now

Thanks in advance


Hello, most of these features in koolphp are in jquery UI which is the primary javascript library for yii. all the good looking are the power of CSS, which one can add to your cgridview and all of the rest. but optionally you can make it a component

it’s all about opinion.

another thing to appreciate as a component in the phpgrid is the inline data edit which can be made a component that will support cgridview inline editing of information

there is already an extension to do inline editing on cgridview, I haven’t test yet tho

Thanks Guys,

I’ve had a look at the CJuiDialog widget and this seems to be better suited for data capturing in a semi nice way.

@Gustavo - thanks for the link, but at this stage the inline editing is not complete - perhaps I should offer to help with the development for this as it would form a important component for the data intensive type of applications we produce.