Pjax.reload With Post Url?


var dataString = "keyword=" + search_input;

$.pjax.reload({container: "#mycontainer-pjax", timeout: 2000, url: "/controller/index?" + dataString });

Does anyone know if the above pjax reload can be done through POST to the url?



not possible with post?

the problem is calling a different controllers action when in a modal results in the url in address bar changing from original page to the one called to refresh the pjax container and makes a mess.

any other ideas for refreshing a listview in a modal?


I know that i am replying to a very old post but it may help someone:

add replace: false

Here is what I am doing and it seems to be working

$.pjax.reload({container: \'#pjaxNotes\', replace: false, url:\''.\yii\helpers\Url::to(['notes','id'=>$user->id]).'\'});
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