Pjax Problem With Cgridview

Hi everybody,

I’m using Pjax to renderPartial my view file.

I have 2 problems here.

1. When view file contains Cgridview

  • The css files were not loaded. So the Cgridview was not styled correctly.

In attached images, 1.png is the current view, 2.png is the view with style.

  • The js event for editable cell ( I also used Yii Jeditable plugin) was not binded.

2. When view file contains textare embeded in Tinymce Editor

The tinymce Editor was not init. So I only got a normal textarea.

Please help me fix these problems!

Best regards.


i think when you cll view file please pass a processoutput on view file…



Thank Ankit Modi so much!

I solved my problem.

Please explain a little for me here. When I used ajax to renderPartial my view, I opened firebug to view source, to check <script> somethings </script> in my code, I could not find it in source (displayed by firebug).But my <script> somethings </script> was still run. Why so???