Pjax problem reload container div

while using pjax i need to reload div container different from div where i make request

	i couldn't achive that before i changed yiisoft\yii2\widgets\Pjax.php

	 by default pjax widget gets data-container options but don't use it.

	 as i see it reloads div that makes request



	 i think it's a kind of bug


	 i'm new in yii and made my own patch, i think there is some better way,

		i didn't use widget options, but create new one - $container




	if($this->container !== false){




    if ($this->linkSelector !== false) {

        $linkSelector = Json::htmlEncode($this->linkSelector !== null ? $this->linkSelector : '#' . $id . ' a');

        $js .= "jQuery(document).pjax($linkSelector, \"#$container\", $options);";


    if ($this->formSelector !== false) {

        $formSelector = Json::htmlEncode($this->formSelector !== null ? $this->formSelector : '#' . $id . ' form[data-pjax]');

        $submitEvent = Json::htmlEncode($this->submitEvent);



        $js .= "\njQuery(document).on($submitEvent, $formSelector, function (event) {jQuery.pjax.submit(event, '#$container', $options);});";