Piwiks Extension

I hadn’t heard of Piwik till a couple of days ago and wanted to have a go with it. I have the extension, but wasn’t sure how you’re meant to set it up on your own sever. I looked online at their site and it showed me they have their own wizard. This doesn’t seem to be an option with Yii though, so i’m wondering how do you implement it on your own sever, set up an additional database for piwik to use etc?


Well, piwik is an application on its own. I can’t imagine a yii piwik extension would do much more than add piwik’s analytics stuff to your own application, so you will still have to set up a piwik installation. Which extension are you talking about exactly?

This one https://github.com/TagPlanet/yii-analytics-piwik/

And that is correct, that’s all it seems to do to me. I just wasn’t sure if I was missing anything.