PicLyf - a picture blogging platform

PicLyf is a picture blogging platform with Yii, jquery and mySQL at its foundation.


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What is PicLyf?

Its a pictures only blogging platform where visual content is the focus of the community. Its designed to be a place where its not out of place to post pictures of any type from a webcam shot, a fancy DSLR photo, doodle, an old scanned photo, graphic design, videogame art, anime fanpic, etc.

It also addresses the problem of blogs being frequently abandoned thru badges, quests and fun community activities. It hooks up the Facebook, twitter, Flickr and a bunch of other API to let members use their existing social networks to jumpstart their picture blogs.

Try the site and support us if you like it cause we plan to give back to the Yii community as soon as we hit some financial milestones.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Nice site, good job!

Really nice indeed! It probably needs a better domain name.

BTW, how is Twidl.it going?

Thanks @y!! and qiang! We switched gears and focused on PicLyf. Twidl it! was a Twitter accessory idea and sure enough 2 months after pivoting with PicLyf, twitter started trampling on Twitter based startups! :) We are more passionate about this idea anyway.

We like the name / domain and my philosophy is a great product will take any weird name into a memorable one. So we are busting our ass to make that happen and pretty soon this weird name will not be weird at all. :)

Out of curiosity, how long did you spend developing Piclyf from the very begining (I mean, even designing the data model structure)?

Thanks and congratulations, its a very good job!!


Coool… i cannot believe this one build with yii. :o

someone probbaly guess it ZF or Ror.

to be honest :)

Hmm. If we disregard the previous product (the one we switched gears from - Twidl.it) Six months. We only reused very few modules from that build and im not sure if any of them were left untouched. :)


Very nice site! Was it done in 6 man-months? How many people worked on it concurrently for 6 months?

Congratulations on a job well done!

3 people on average. Thanks!

Wish you guys can upload screenshots of Yii website. and tag it ‘Yii’ there. :)

We just put a VIDEO INTRO view it here:

View on Vimeo

View on Youtube

Our iphone app is in review! Thanks Yii!

Found a dead link: http://piclyf.com/browse/quests/finished

Referenced on http://piclyf.com/browse/quests

Thanks! will include in the next batch of updates.

Cool! B)

Great job guys

We just rolled out a major redesign of the UX. We are also now using the latest Yii version and if you want to support a startup that is not afraid to promote this excellent framework, please sign up and spread the word at PicLyf.com - a social network around life’s moments.

Great stuff!

Could you describe your server stack? Apache2/Nginx as proxy, memcached etc. Very instresting!

We are migrating to this stack in a few weeks. EC2/S3, nginx, MySQL/Redis, memcached, beanstalkd, backbone - This is in preparation for the alpha testing of our API with a few brave 3rd party developers. :)

We just finished migrating to Nginx on AWS. If you are curious to see how fast Yii+Nginx+compressed CSS/JS with unoptimized caching and no UI spriting (yet) . you should check us out.

A bunch of new features

  1. Doodle editor


Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 11.47.14 AM.png

  1. Cleaner dashboard


Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 11.47.28 AM.png

  1. Faces and pinpoint reactions


Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 11.56.46 AM.png

  1. a bunch more like Real-time commenting/toasts, photo editor, import photos from Facebook, reposting pics.

Sign up at http://piclyf.com and get invited later tonight!

Good job and good luck