Pianizator is very simple and powerful application that can teach anybody to play favourite songs on piano.

Main ideas - no flash and no more than 35 notes.

Link: pia niza tor.c om

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Looks nice. So we can only look how the song should be played and try to repeat with the real piano? I think it would be great to have second piano board at the page where user can play with the mouse or if he connected midi keyboard to the PC :)

Btw, thanks for sharing (the link is pianizator.com)

Сергей, спасибо за отзыв (судя по имени, я сделал вывод, что вы говорите по-русски). То, что вы предложили, мы рассматривали, но в работе нашего приложения используется исключительно зрительная память. Используется максимум 3 октавы, а это 36 клавиш (в ряду клавиатуры такого, увы, нет), поэтому, запомнив, как играть мелодию на компьютерной клавиатуре, вы вряд ли вспомните это, сидя за настоящими клавишами.

Thank you for feedback. We’ve looked at what you suggested, but it but it will be difficult to remember the order of the keys on real piano, because computer keyboard layout and real piano keys are very different. :slight_smile:

Yes, I know russian, but we are not in the Russian forum, so maybe it’s better to communicate in Enlgish here :). About the keyboard - I didn’t say about the PC keyboard, I know that it’s just for fun when you play with the PC keybord (I tried some programs, for example FruttyLoops, and totally understand that playing with pc keyboard cannot teach the real piano playing, but it’s fun) - so I said about midi keybord that can be connected to the PC (but maybe it can be difficult to implement input interface with it…)

I played Perfect Piano app on android with my mobile phone - it’s too small but fun and I can play some small songs.

Then I bought Google Nexus 7 - and Perfect Piano is much better with it, becouse I already can press kyes almost without any issues. So I can connect it to the audio system and play some music.

Also I saw an ad. recently - new computers or monitors were presented (I don’t remember for sure). They are big and have multitouch screen - so we can play as with the real piano.

I undestand that the real piano is the best instrument to play, but for most people such virtual keyboard (or midi keyborad sometime) is the only one way to play the music.

Good Luck with your project!

Very soon we will provide to all our mobile app "Pianizator" with functionality like you recommend.

Ok, maybe I’ll try it :)

Nice, +1 for this.

I found this web both innovative and inspiring.

Well done!

This is very nice