Phundament - Implementation

Hi everyone, I started a project with Yii, and I would like to implement "Phundament" to manage my content.

The website structure is already done and look something like that:














Now I try to learn how to implement the “Phundament” package to my project, but I have to say I’m pretty confused, and the lack of docs on this project doesn’t make it easier.

[color="#0000FF"][size="4"]What I want[/size][/color]

index.php > add widget container > add block content and edit by "Phundament"

[color="#0000FF"][size="4"]what I did:[/size][/color]


'p3widgets' => array(

                            'class' => 'ext.phundament.p3widgets.P3WidgetsModule',

                            'params' => array(

                                    'widgets' => array(

                                            'zii.widgets.CMenu' => 'Menu',

                                            'ext.yiiext.widgets.cycle.ECycleWidget' => 'Cycle'    










                            'checkAccess'=>false // disable checkAccess feature for debugging, default 'P3widgets.Widget.*'





I can see the container, and everything but when I try to add a widget to it I got:

Not Found

The requested URL /foo/index.php/p3widgets/p3Widget/create/P3Widget[moduleId]//P3Widget[controllerId]/site/P3Widget[actionName]/index/P3Widget[containerId]/Cycle/returnUrl//foo/index.php/site/index was not found on this server.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it tries and fail to access the “[color=”#008000"]p3widgets[/color]": controller and “[color=”#0000FF"]create[/color]": view.

URL: http://localhost/foo/index.php/[color="#008000"]p3widgets[/color]/p3Widget/[color="#0000FF"]create[/color][...]

But in the /foo/protected/extensions/phundament/p3widgets

I can see all the needed files(views, controllers, etc…), I don’t understand how to make everything link to each other. <_<

Can someone give me a little hint, on how to approach the problem, or point me to some docs ::)

Thank you for your time.


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