PHPUnit / Selenium / Yii 1.1.15 / PHP 5.6.29


I’m trying to get my dev environment set-up after installing macOS Sierra.

I had all of this working before.

PHP 5.6.29

Yii Framework 1.1.15

PHPUnit 5.7.21

When I’m trying to run a unit test I get this error.

Fatal error: Class ‘PHPUnit_Extensions_SeleniumTestCase’ not found

I have searched and installed just about everything I can google.

Installed updated PEAR / HOMEBREW / COMPOSER.

It still doesn’t work. All I want is to run a simple test !!

Any idea would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

I can no longer afford to loose any more hair. :unsure:



Moving to Yii 2… will it be simpler?

Time will tell.