phpunit Selenium test

Hi Friends,

 I am trying to install the phpunit/phpunit_selenium but i got the below mentioned error.

[color="#9932CC"]"[/color] Attempting to discover channel "phpunit"…

Attempting fallback to https instead of http on channel "phpunit"…

unknown channel "phpunit" in "phpunit/PHPUnit_Selenium"

invalid package name/package file "phpunit/PHPUnit_Selenium"

install failed [color="#9932CC"]"[/color]

I followed this link

While running this query [color="#0000FF"]pear install phpunit/PHPUnit_Selenium[/color] am getting the error. i already installed pear and php the version is [color="#9932CC"]" [/color]PEAR Version: 1.10.1

PHP Version:

Zend Engine Version: 3.0.0

Running on: Linux NICHE-PC-008 3.13.0-24-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Thu Apr 10 19:11:08 UTC 2014 x86_64 [color="#9932CC"]"[/color]

help me

You should not try to install that - stop what you are doing immediately :)

Everything you need is available to you already - if you are using the basic/advanced Yii application template.

This single line in the require dev section of your composer.json:

	"require-dev": {

    	"yiisoft/yii2-codeception": "*",

Has all you need - including phpunit style Codeception.

Read this:

I am aware that you want to use good old phpunit, but Codeception is supported by the Yii team - Samdark is a member of the Codeception team - and it is fully packed and updated and alive.

PhpUnit, on the other hand, seems to be falling apart at the seams…

And is difficult to install, configure and handle on your own - especially in a Composer environment.

Fortunately, Codeception’s unit tests are powered by PHPUnit, so you don’t need to worry about it.